Morrocco 2003

From Alexander Nash
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I spent about 10 months living in Tangier (here) as the work experience part of my master's degree, which was good fun. Morocco is a spectacular country and Moroccans are a friendly bunch - visit. I don't have many digitised photos, but there are a few I picked up here. The first one is a satellite shot of the straights of Gibraltar (Jebel Tarik - Mount Tarik). You can clearly see the sprawling suburbs of Tangier as the light part of the top left corner of Morocco. There is a curved bay just to the right of the town. The little spit of land on the right side of the top bit of Morocco is Ceuta, the Spanish enclave, which is much like the British Gibraltar except with barbed wire fences and assault rifles to hold Africa's hopeful emmigrés at bay.

Opposite, you have Andalucia (Al Andalus) and you can see the big bay of Algeciras (i.e Al Jazeera - the peninsula) to the right of the southern most part, with the narrow peninsula where Gibraltar is. Spain was just 15m away, so all of this was the view from my office.